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Were you ignoring the video streaming, hoping that it would just go away? Or worse, believing that without it, you could achieve the same objectives?

I’m here to warn you that video streaming is very popular and is instrumental in growing your business.  Just check out YouTube.  YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and every day, thousands of hours of videos are uploaded. Video clips have far more interaction on social media such as Facebook and Twitter than plain text or even image-based updates. And most individuals prefer video to text when it comes to training programs.

And now, with video streaming, this new medium of marketing has become even more relevant.

Here are the biggest reasons why you should care about video streaming

  • Live video helps viewers to understand you better.
  • Your personality and brand shine in ways that written words or pre-recorded videos can simply not handle.
  • A built-in sense of urgency makes communicating with your action takers quick.
  • It is quick and super-efficient to repurpose video for other platforms.
  • Facebook and other social networks seem to offer video streaming more weight, featuring it in more news feeds than other post formats.

In addition to all of that, video, particularly the new streaming services, is simple to create. Only prop your smart phone up, log in to your favorite app and voila! You’re still alive.

And because it’s a live streaming video, there’s probably less expectation of perfection for your viewers. For a scripted webinar, for example, they expect a certain amount of polish. But you can get away with a much more lighthearted, go-with-the-flow style with streaming video.  It is great for Q&A meetings, special announcements and  major announcements.  

business growth with live streaming

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Don’t Abandon Your Other Marketing Channels

A hot new marketing tactic or technique comes along, and immediately everyone is on board, much to the detriment of his or her tried-and – true methods. We see this happen a lot.

Know that on many sites, you have faithful fans: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, your profile, even Google+.  And it won’t always be easy for these fans to move to a new site just to keep in touch. To sustain your presence on other social networks as well, you owe it to them.

So while when it comes to the overall marketing activities, Facebook Live (and other streaming video services) certainly matters, it is not the end-all, be-all tool that can outshine all others.

Learn to embrace Video Streaming, as it is certainly a way to expose your business and keep expanding it.  

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