The most successful membership organizations use their website to help raise, occupy, and retain their members while saving time and money on organizational tasks.

If you’re looking to set up a site for your business plans, here’s a simple technique to understand what one does. Imagine the membership manager’s role at a skilled association. This person must:

  • Register new members and event attendees,
  • Process monthly charges, donations, and event payments,
  • Update member profiles,
  • Email members with event invites, reminders, and regular newssheets,
  • Distribute resources like courses, industry reports, and other materials to create a membership website as the contact person when members have questions or need help.


A membership site does all the above and further online. That’s because members can enter information (like contact details or payments) into it, and then the site talks with a contact database to automatically update their information.

Once your website is set up, it will run on its own with slight effort, where it will:

  • Register new members and event attendees online. Payments and contact informations are rapidly and automatically processed through a contact database.
  • Automatically email invoices, event reminders, renewal reminders, and overdue payment warnings.
  • Update a robust, searchable contact database.
  • Collect donations.
  • Plus many more features.

If you are ready to set up a site for your organization with all the above features, here are the nine steps that will guarantee your success.

Steps to Create an Amazing Membership Website

Here are steps for how to create best membership website

1. Word Press Membership Plugin

When it comes to creating a membership website on WordPress, the first thing to do is select the right plugin. There are some great membership plugins out there, but if you are looking for a complete solution, we recommend MemberPress.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins to set up a membership site. You get loads of structures that offer flexibility and customization.

2. Set up MemberPress WordPress Plugin

Now that you have selected the right plugin for your membership website go ahead and sign-up for an account on MemberPress.

Next, download the arrangement files from your Account area and upload them in WordPress. To do that, go to your WordPress dashboard and direct to Plugins » Add New and click Upload Plugin at the topmost. Simple upload the setup files, install them, and then start the plugin.

If you are not sure how to do that, you can follow this step by step guide on installing a WordPress plugin.

After setting up MemberPress, it should look in your WordPress dashboard. The last thing you will need to do before using the plugin is to go to MemberPress » Settings and enter your license key. You can see the license key in your Account area under Downloads.

3. Change MemberPress Settings

Our membership plugin is now ready to use.

To start, you can go to MemberPress » Settings » Sheets. Here you can run the settings of your membership website to your liking.

For instance, the plugin creates few pages by default, like a thank you page, account page, and login page. You can even change the page URL and customize the unauthorized access settings.

4. Add Your Payment Options

Next, add different payment selections you want on your WordPress membership website. To ensure that, go to MemberPress » Settings and press on the Payments tab.

Now click plus (+) sign to a payment option. Enter the name, entryway (PayPal, Stripe, etc.), and an explanation. You can also select from different options to show the payment label, icon, and description.Click Update when you have done.

5. Add Different Membership Levels

After setting up your payment options, you can now increase your sales. You can limit different structures and content based on membership levels.

To make one, go to MemberPress and then select Memberships from the WordPress dashboard. Next, click Add New.

Now, you can go into the details for your new membership option. You can start with a name for your membership, a description, fixed its price, and you can even add an expiration.

And if you scroll down, you will see more selections. For example, you can set its registration, permissions, price box and look at more progressive settings. After finalizing your settings, click Publish

6. Access Rules for Your Membership Plans

The next step is to make Rules for different membership plans you create in the earlier step. You can get started by working to MemberPress » Rules and then select Add New.

On the next page, you will see different settings that you can set for your members. For instance, you can select which content to display to which members.

Once you have made these changes, click Save Rule.

7. Adding Content for Different Memberships

Next, it is another step for How to create membership website you can create content that you want to show to different members. You can start by making any content on a WordPress website.

Go to Posts and click Add New. Enter the content and select the type for your post. Once your content is ready, scroll down, and you will see a section for MemberPress. Here you can arrange the settings to lock this content for certain members.

You can see which Members can assessment your content. Also, you can set what illegal visitors will see when they view the post.

8. Create a Pricing Page

After creating your content for different members, you can now create a rating page. For this, go to MemberPress from your dashboard and then choose Groups. Next, click Add New.

Now enter a title for your group. You can label it Pricing Plans or Subscription Plans. Then scroll down, and you will see more options.

Under Group Options, you can edit which membership strategies you want to show on the page. After editing the selections, you can click Publish. 

9. Create a Sign-Up and Login Form

The last step of How to create a membership website is to add a login and a sign-up form for your employers.

And you can do that by going to Presence » Widgets from your dashboard and add MemberPress to the widget-ready area.

Next, you had wanted to show your pricing pages where users can easily access them.

Once that is done, save your settings, and your MemberPress membership website is ready!


Hopefully, these steps give you a better chance to create a membership website. We covered all the basic steps to create a membership website. We hope that now you are in a better position to make a more informed decision.

By doing so, you will prove that your idea is a viable concept and will be worth investing more of your time and resources in it. Like other sites, you should also create your membership website by following the steps that are mentioned above.

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