From Facebook Flop to Facebook Fabulous

Create a Highly-Engaging Facebook Presence for Your Business (Even if Right Now You Can’t Get a Like, Comment or Client to Save Your Life)

Coaches, let’s talk. Are you using Facebook all wrong?

You’re a ridiculously smart, talented coach or online entrepreneur. Most things come rather easily to you…

…so how come it’s been so freakin’ hard to get a handle on Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform?

Now, before we talk about all the reasons why Facebook isn’t working for you, let’s dive into why Facebook is still such an integral part of the online marketing game.

Well, first things first: As of 2019, Facebook was said to have 2.27 billion monthly active users. Yep–billion. You read that right.

You know what that means?

It means mastering Facebook alone has the ability to completely transform your business, your influence and even (or maybe especially) your bank account.

The problem? You just can’t seem to figure out how to use it to build the influence and audience you crave.

Any of this sound familiar?

You spend hours (literally) crafting a post…and then (literally) no one comments. (Where the heck are those 2.27 billion monthly active users at, again?)

You’ve set up a business page (yay!), but every time you put out new content, your “users reached” numbers linger in the single digits (cringe!).

You’ve set up a paid ad (or 10) following some guru’s advice–but you’ve seen a big, fat 0 in ROI..and you have zero clue why.

Or maybe you haven’t even tried to promote your business on Facebook because it seems too complicated. You’re not sure if it’s worth the risk of putting yourself out there only to receive nothin’ but crickets in return.

I mean, maybe it’s just smarter to keep using it to post cat memes, write “HBD” on your old college roommate’s wall and “Like” a few wedding/baby/vacay photos, right?

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Maybe, but…

…if you’re here, it’s because something inside you keeps nudging you toward the platform.

It’s almost like your inner guidance knows Facebook holds so much potential for you to get your message to the masses.

Can you relate?

If so, you’re not alone. Almost every business owner I talk to “gets” the power of Facebook intellectually. But here’s the thing…

Most Business Owners Are Using All Wrong–and It’s Costing Them Big Time!

Now, let me share a little secret with you: If Facebook isn’t working for your biz, it’s not entirely your fault.

See, Facebook has evolved exponentially since its birth in 2004–and so has the way we can use it for business.

After over a decade, Facebook is still the #1 social media platform in the world. And as someone in the online coaching space, I can almost guarantee you’ve seen the hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of coaches rocking it on the ‘Book and collecting Likes & comments–plus booking new clients–right from their profiles.

Right? Right.

So then the real question becomes: What separates the coaches who are crushing it on Facebook from those who can’t even squeeze a half-baked comment out of their best friend?

It’s usually one of a few things:

Sometimes the coach is following or friending the wrong people.
Sometimes the coach is posting content that doesn’t make sense for their brand (and therefore, to their followers).
Sometimes the coach simply hasn’t decided what to keep private & what to put out into the world (yep, those less-than-well-received political rants can do damage to your brand!).

But the main problem is usually this: The message, content and image they’re putting out doesn’t match their market. Around here we call it a “message to market mismatch”and it just means the coach in question isn’t pumping out the right content to the right people and/or they don’t look poised, professional and “on brand” doing it.

But guess what? That’s actually very good news for you, too! Here’s why:

Facebook is (Inevitably) Teeming with Your Ideal Clients–You Just Have to Learn How to Attract Them!

Yep. There’s truly no “shortage” of your dream clients on Facebook. They’re out there just waiting for you, actually.

All you have to do? Learn a few key techniques around branding, messaging & marketing that will turn Facebook into your business playground–a place where you can easily spread your message, connect with more people than you could possibly imagine & book more clients than you even know what to do with!


If you want to create a killer Facebook presence that actually engages your prospects and transforms readers into buyers, you’ve got to go deep.

You have to completely deconstruct your current Facebook strategy and rebuild it from the footer up, so you can finally feel proud of your Facebook presence, and use it as your primary vehicle to attract perfect-for-you clients.

You have to completely deconstruct your current Facebook strategy and rebuild it from the footer up, so you can finally feel proud of your Facebook presence, and use it as your primary vehicle to attract perfect-for-you clients.

But before you rush to transform your Facebook account into a business powerhouse, it’s wise to invest in a little focused preparation. And I’ve created a unique, step-by-step course to help you do just that.


Introducing...4 Week Facebook Flop to Facebook Fabulous

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Lesson 1: Get Real About What’s Working…and What’s Not

We’ll kick things off by figuring out what’s “off” about your current Facebook presence. Why aren’t people engaging with your posts? Fangiring over your Live videos? Clicking your ads? We’ll get down to the nitty gritty and uncover the secret reasons you’re not seeing the social media success you desire.

You’ll learn how to…

Lesson 2: Rebrand Your Presence for Total Alignment Across All Channels

Now that you’ve given your current profile a top-to-bottom audit, it’s time to move onto messaging. Lesson 2 will help you get re-aligned and make sure your message is on-brand and on-point. (This message will carry through in all you do, from your group interactions to your personal posts to your ad copy, livestreams, and even the pages and groups you follow–so it’s kind of a big deal!)

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Lesson 3: Rebrand Your Presence for Total Alignment Across All Channels

In Lesson 3, we’re going to swirl together the invaluable insights you’ve gleaned from Lessons 1 and 2 and use them to rebuild your current brand–and your following–the right way. It’s time to breathe some much-needed life back into your Facebook presence!

Here’s what we’ll cover…

Lesson 4: Re-Engage Your Core Audience and Get Them Excited Again

Now that your message, brand & content are top notch, it’s time to learn the secrets of Facebook engagement! It’s true: You’ve made some major changes for the better and created a focused Facebook plan, so now it’s time to get busy engaging with your true fans–and watch them engage with you right back!

In lesson 4, we’ll cover…

Don’t Miss Out on the Impact (and Income) That’s Possible When You Have an Engaging Facebook Presence!