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Life is so much more than just working, don’t you agree? So if you do nothing but post on Facebook about your company and become a pushy salesperson, you don’t do injustice to yourself and your followers will get bored and leave you soon. Instead, with other “lifestyle” type photos and posts, show them what a well-rounded life you lead and pique their interest.

Sharing parts of your life on Facebook is just one way of developing a relationship where you get to know, appreciate, and trust your audience enough to make a purchase. These images and funny stories will make you look more available so that your followers will not hesitate to send you a message asking you questions about your items.

Here are just a few fun ways on Facebook to lighten up the mood and improve your interaction with your followers:

Sharing Your Humor on Facebook

Has your preschooler told a funny story? Feel free to share it. Have you recently had a funny conversation with your bestie, a teenager, or a grandparent?   Share It. Everyone wants to pick me up a little during the day and laughing also releases tension.

What Are Your Weekend Plans?

On Friday nights, do you have a favorite hangout?  Or do you play soccer? Are you attending an annual gala to benefit your favorite local charity? I guarantee that you’re going to get some other soccer moms to commiserate with you and add awareness to a local company and/or charity.

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Share Your Favorite Tips and Locations

Love to Travel?  Sharing your notes from your favorite places will help you organize a business retreat or meeting, whether you are traveling for business or simply for a fun. These types of posts are also useful for beginning a vision board and bucket list conversation. They can still vicariously by you even they don’t travel.


Share Your Lunchtime Views

Nearly everybody wants to leave the office for lunch, so why not settle in a park, or on the beach and share your views on Facebook. Even if you’re trapped indoors during bad weather, enjoyable conversations can be stirred up by your view.

Share Your Favorite Hobbies on Facebook

After a hard day of work, how do you relax? What pulls strings at your heart and really motivates you to drive your workload through so that you can enjoy your free time? Hobbies are a great way to get people interested in your blogs. Show your workplace images, your completed project, or simply share how you discovered this hobby.

These are just a few opinions about what to post online, which also shows that you are a real person with a real life outside of work. These kinds of lists are actually infinite in length because in the universe you are so uniquely distinct from any other person. Showcase what make you YOU beyond your career, show us your talents.  It will attract your audience to share glimpses into your personality and your life.

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