Are you using Facebook, but you can’t seem to get a like, comment, or sale to save your lives?You are brilliant, talented entrepreneurs. Most things come relatively quickly to them. But for some reason, it’s been so hard for you to figure out how to use Facebook. To build the influence and audience they crave.

After over a decade, Facebook is still the no 1 social media platform in the world. And there’s genuinely no “shortage” of dream clients on Facebook. You can teach people to get more click-throughs, more meaningful conversations…and even more clients from the world’s most popular social platform.

“Facebook Flop to Fabulous” Package

We’ve made a Whole “Facebook Flop to Fabulous” Done-for-You Package to Help You Launch a Brand New Online Course. The significant points of this package are mentioned below:

Using this course, you’ll learn how to transform your Facebook presence from ignored to adore.

You will receive step-by-step lessons to help them figure out exactly what’s not working and how to fix it.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Deconstruct your current Facebook presence and figure out what’s not working–and why.
  • Determine how you want to use Facebook for your business–a personal profile? A Facebook group? A fan page?–and precisely what to share on each.
  • Rebrand and revitalize your current Facebook assets (they DO have some!) so they shine.
  • Develop a Facebook plan of action, so they hit your social media goals and get more Facebook posts for engagement, more friends/followers, and more clients–with intention!

Course outline

We’ve Comprised Everything You’ll Need in Our “Facebook Flop to Fabulous” Course Package – All Done-for-You!Here are the Course Lessons You’ll Receive in This Package – Done & Ready for You.Essential steps of this course are:

Lesson 1.

Get actual about what’s working or what’s not

LESSON OVERVIEW: In Lesson 1, you’ll boost things off by helping people figure out what’s “off” about your current Facebook presence. Why do people not see Facebook engagement posts?

Here are the points that you will learn in this lesson:

  • Audit your current Facebook presence to see if you are “on brand”–plus manage privacy settings to hide or delete posts that don’t mesh, group contacts together to keep individual posts private & more.
  • Decide how you want to use Facebook for your small business in Denver – including what parts of your life they do & don’t want to infuse into your online business person.
  • When and what they should never post–unless they want to risk alienating vast segments of your audience!

Lesson 2.

Rebrand Your Presence for Total Arrangement across All Channels

LESSON OVERVIEW: Now that you have given your current profile a top-to-bottom audit, it’s time to move onto messaging. In lesson 2, you will help them re-aligned and make sure your message is on-brand and on-point.

You will learn in this lesson:

  • How to get clear on your core message, ideal client, and your own “special sauce”–and the six steps every coach needs to take to align your message with your brand.
  • How to make compelling visual branding for pages, groups & profiles–including how to rock your brand photoshoot & create a consistent image.
  • Why people should never show their Facebook friends list–and a step-by-step guide to “hiding” their current contacts.
  • The five daily actions required for Facebook success –including exactly when to post, how many times to post & what to do to make sure they always create quality content that never gets glossed over.

Lesson 3.

Refresh Your Assets and Make Them Shine

LESSON OVERVIEW: In Lesson 3, you are going to swirl together the invaluable insights you have gleaned from Lessons 1 and 2 and use them to rebuild your current brand–and the following–the right way. It’s time to take some much-needed life back into your Facebook presence!

 You will learn in this lesson:

  • How to make your profile, business page, and groups look & feel cohesive–even if they cover different niches or subtopics.
  • The little-known mindset shift will help them effortlessly create helpful content–plus six more ways to connect with your fans & followers so deeply they login & look for your stuff first.
  • How to whip up a winning Facebook marketing strategy – this will simplify content creation for them and get your group members excited, too!
  • Why video is the #1 way to enhance Facebook posts for engagement– plus six fresh ways to make your Live streams more fun and valuable for viewers.
  • How to create a steady “Facebook routine” that’ll help them stay consistent, nix burnout in the bud & cultivate trust with your followers.

Lesson 4:

Re-Engage Your Central Audience and Get Them Excited Again

LESSON OVERVIEW: Now that your message, brand & content are top marks, in lesson 4, it’s time for you will learn the secrets of Facebook engagement posts!

You will learn about this lesson:

  • Four non-spammy ways to invite people to your Facebook group–and why they need one in the first place.
  • Why and how to use automatic ads to grow your reach and amp up your visibility.
  • How to use Facebook for marketing to improve your customer service–and solidify your reputation as a highly-reputable coach.
  • Why to set up a chatbot to convey incredible customer service even when they’re not there–plus what tasks a bot should and shouldn’t handle alone.
  • How to thoughtfully leverage others’ groups to grow your followers, reputation, & brand–including which groups to steer clear of at all costs.
  • Plus, the most powerful Facebook marketing strategy of all.


To wrap up, the “Facebook flop to Facebook fabulous” course plays a vital role in the market because nowadays, every person is familiar with Facebook. It allows us to know more about their culture, values, custom, and tradition.

Facebook’s task is to give people the power to share and make the world more open. People use Facebook so that they can connect to their friends and family, determine what’s going in the world, and can share their happiness and express what matters to them. Like other business courses, you can join this course now. By adopting this, you will gain a lot of knowledge of it…


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