Getting Serious About Your Business Brand

A business brand is much more than a flashy logo or a color palette. It’s far beyond having a nice-looking business card. A business brand is not just about having a website with your name on it, although that’s certainly part of it. In a world where things are constantly changing, your business needs to (more…)

The Top 15 Ways to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI for a well-run e-mail marketing project is more than 38 dollars for each dollar invested. It becomes very clear that in order to grow your business and build your email list, you can and need to utilize an  e-mail marketing strategy to get more prospects and sales (more…)

How to Make Money with a Blog: Create Eye-Catching Titles

In order to generate income with a blog, the title of your post will make or break the presence of your content. Individuals skim on the internet and if your title does not capture their attention, they’ll pass it by. Here are some standards for developing curiosity-inducing titles for your posts.  How to Create a Money-Making Blog Utilizing Catchy Titles  The number one (more…)

Business Strategy: Stop Being Your Own Worst Client

What if that client were  too busy to write your book’s next line.  Or,  you as a client, were working so hard and totally neglected to bring your webinar presentation together. For a serious talk about the future of your coaching relationship and your company, it wouldn’t take long before you sat her down. It’s (more…)

Creative Ways for an Effective Marketing Strategy

The world is packed with great ideas and broke business owners with fabulous products but no sales. The truth is, ideas are not what drives most business results. Marketing does. By having a good marketing strategy in place you leave your day job to branch out on your own. To get the creative juices flowing, (more…)

3 Effective Content Writing Tips for Readers

Yours readers do have limited period of attention. I’m sure, that is no great surprise to you. In reality, you’re also likely to search the internet at light speed, scan titles and subheads, skip to the bottom of sales pages, and quickly forward videos just to get to the next thing. The same is for (more…)